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closed, envelope, mail icon  Shulista Croft,
 3 North Duntulm,
 Isle of Skye
 IV51 9UG
 01470 552314




“A working croft in a stunning location"

Crofting is small scale, sustainable agriculture in the remote north, west and islands of Scotland. This makes crofts an ideal place for holidays where tourists can share the wide open spaces, clear skies, outdoor lifestyle and natural environment with those who work the land and maintain the old traditions and cultures.

Our croft house dates back to the early 1900's and is perfectly situated in the centre of the croft. We have a small flock of Cheviot ewes and a mix of Texel & Cheviot rams. In addition, we have lots of free range chickens which are frequently seen roaming the fields around the croft house. Their delicious eggs are available to purchase on site.

As part of our seasonal activities, our guests can observe key highlights on the croft, such as lambing, shearing and the movement of ewe lambs to and from Trodday Island by boat from Aird Bay. We have successfully raised orphaned lambs by hand feeding. Our guests have often helped with this in the mornings! This is a magical experience for children and adults alike - it brings crofting alive. 

Shulista has an extremely low level of light pollution and we have some of the darkest and biggest skies in the UK. We have been privileged enough to watch the Aurora Borealis on many occasions from our croft. The Wigwams are perfectly positioned to allow guests to enjoy this phenomenon from the comfort of their porch (your very own, personal planetarium!)